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developDocument the code and follow pylint adviceSimon Doppler18 months
masterUpdate coding styleSimon Doppler12 months
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2018-05-12Update coding styleHEADmasterSimon Doppler
2018-05-12Update PyCharm filesSimon Doppler
2017-11-03Fix wrong path with remote registrationSimon Doppler
2017-11-03Handle clean statusSimon Doppler
2017-11-03Use groups in status and list groupsSimon Doppler
2017-11-03Cache the status resultsSimon Doppler
2017-11-03Allow group filtering for registrationSimon Doppler
2017-11-03Detect branches from originSimon Doppler
2017-11-03Project filesSimon Doppler
2017-11-03Initial commitSimon Doppler